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Event Commissions

Jump the line and reserve your spot to get a commission from Joe Rubinstein at the event you are attending. Commission schedule will be organized based on your last day attending the event and is at Joe’s discretion. Event commissions are completed in ink and black and white (color is available). Joe reserves the right to refuse any work. 

Event Rates:

Head Shot:

Single = $100  |  Dual = $200

+Tone = $150  |  $300

+Partial Colour = $125  |  $225

+Full Colour = $200  |  $400



3/4 Body:

Single = $125  |  Dual = $250

+Tone = $188  |  $375

+Partial Colour = $150  |  $275

+Full Colour = $250  |  $500



Full Body:

Single = $200  |  Dual = $400

+Tone = $300  |  $600

+Partial Colour = $225  |  $425

+Full Colour = $400  |  $800



Note: Backgrounds can be added
for an additional fee at 'The Event’
($50 - $100 range) and is contingent
on time availability.   

Pre-Order Process:

1. Select the ‘Event’ you will be attending

2. Select ‘Event Commission’ under ‘In Attendance Products'

3. Select desired sketch options and enter character (s) name and description of pose (if desired)

4. Once completed push ‘Add to Cart’


Note: Purchase a ‘Joe Rubinstein’ sketch cover or supply your own sketch cover as soon as possible upon your arrival to ensure completion.

Checkout Process:

1. Review ‘Shopping Cart’ to ensure order accuracy and push ‘Checkout’ button

2. Select the event you will be at under ‘Pick-up at an event?’

3. Proceed to ‘Payment Option’ with pre-selected PayPal option and push ‘Continue’ button

4. Review order and proceed to ‘Proceed to Payment’

5. Log into your PayPal account and complete purchase to ‘MBartist: Support Services’ and push ‘Continue’

6. Upon return to ‘Confirmation’ page and push ‘Complete Order’ button

Congratulations! Your order has been submitted and confirmation emails have been sent to you and the vendor. Feel free to track your ‘Order Status’ in your ‘Profile - Order History’ page. Note: Please check in with Joe at the event to confirm your commission order status.


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