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Inking The Universe

By Steven Regina

With a career spanning over three decades, Joe Rubinstein has inked more artists than even the most obsessive collector could name without accessing the internet.


Rubinstein is on the short list of artists who inked Joe Kubert, he embellished Frank Miller on “Wolverine,” and inked every piece of art for the 20-year run of “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.” In recent years, Rubinstein has moved deeper into fine art while pursuing his passion for portraiture.


Rubinstein will be a guest at the Pittsburgh Comicon, running Sept. 26-8 at the Monroeville Convention Center.


The Swerve Magazine: You got your start working at Continuity Associates, what was it like getting your training from Neal Adams and Dick Giordano?


Joe Rubinstein: Dick was a wonderful person who took time away from what he was doing just to show me what to do, and he was very instructive and kind and loving, and just a wonderful man, and Neal couldn't have been more opposite. ...


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